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Membership Guidelines

1. Organisation from the Asia Pacific region.
2. Identify with the objectives and principles of ANROEV
3. Participate in ANROEV activities
4. Organisations working on OSH issues, groups such as Trade Union, Victims Groups, Labour NGOs, and individuals working for OSH rights.

Procedure for becoming a Network Member

1. A new organisation can send application letter to the ANROEV secretariat.
2. The group can be nominated by existing member or recommended by the advisory board.
3. Secretariat will consult with the network member in the respective country about the application.

Rights of Members

1. Participate in programmes of ANROEV
2. Nominate and elect advisory board from the sub-region.
3. Recall the regional advisory board member who are not active and violate principles and objectives of ANROEV.
4. Participate in preparation of annual and three year plans of ANROEV, chart its direction, policy and programmes.
5. Evaluate the programme of ANROAV to ensure its accountability and ensure they are in harmony with the ANROEV principles and objectives.
6. Kept informed about the major decisions by regional advisory board regarding programmes and activities of the ANROEV.
7. Members have priority to access the resources and assistance from ANROEV. In order to allocate the resources effectively, updated information about resources of ANROEV should be made available to the members regularly.
8. Receive annual reports, yearly work-plans and the publications of ANROEV.
9. Dedicated web-page for the member and its activities.

Role and Responsibility of the Members

1. Support the programmes and activities of ANROEV.
2. Support ANROEV in hosting programmes in their respective countries.
3. Provide necessary information (country OSH situation, trends) and reports to ANROEV.
4. Share the resources and expertise with other members in need.
5. Participate in the ANROEV joint campaigns.
6. Take a specific responsibility for the network activities.

Membership fee

Proposed membership fee is 100 USD per year for organisation and 50 USD for individual. Fee will be exempted for the members who cannot pay

ANROEV Membership Form

1. Organisation:
2. Name of the Contact Person:
3. Address:
4. Phone:
5. Fax:
6. Email:
7. Website:
8. How many persons work in your organisation?
9. Please explain briefly your area of work and services you provide:
10. What resources does your organisation have? (e.g. Training skills, Information resources, Instruments, Space for training, Books etc.)
11. What resources can you share with the network?
12. What support in terms of resources (other than money), solidarity etc., from the network will be beneficial for your organisation? Please list all of them.
13. How much time can your organisation devote to network?
14. Do you have any comments/suggestions for the strengthening of the network?