The consequences of electronic media

December 10, 2019 in electronicscampaign

My father used to tell me, repeatedly and emphatically, that too much television watching will rot your brain. What study documented this, and how this process occurred, these were all very mysterious questions. You did not interrogate my father, so I am uncertain as to how this decision, to limit viewing, was reached. Regardless, he, like many parents then and today, tightly controlled our tv watching time.

Was this an appropriate “request”? Why is this so important to some parents? What evidence exists giving us facts about the hazards of “tube time”? There are many questions but, predictably, few answers. Studying something like television, as well as the many forms of digital media, something so varied, so pervasive, something so much a part of our culture, that is an incredibly difficult task. Despite the importance of these questions, the effects of excessive gaming and television, few good long term studies have been conducted

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