Death and Injury of Workers in Iran in the Shadow of the Lack of Work Safety

September 5, 2019 in victimorganising

There is daily news in Iranian state media about the deaths of workers at their workplace. This includes mine worker deaths, workers falling from heights, deaths of municipal workers in car accidents, elevator installer deaths, workers death in coal mines, worker death because falling from cranes, petrochemical worker deaths, workers deaths due to heat intensity.

Not a day goes by without media outlets reporting news of construction workers dying during work, as about 1000 construction workers die each year.

A medical official in Hamadan province reported a five percent increase in deaths from work-related accidents in this province, saying: “29 people died in accidents in the province in 2017, and 38 died last year” (ISNA News Agency, June 1)

According to official forensic statistics, the number of people killed in workplace accidents during 1988-2017 was 15,997 with the average of 1,600 deaths yearly. (State-run Health News website, 1 January 2018)

That’s not the whole story, of course. About six times more die from occupational diseases.

In recent days, in the wake of lack of workplace safety and security, four workers in Zanjan, Malayer and Tehran have been injured. Three workers were injured and five others were killed. Iran is ranked 102 in the world in terms of occupational safety, which is very low.

The crash of a boom lift truck injured three construction workers in Zanjan. Tabriz Fire Department Communications Director reports that two workers were injured in a shoemaking workshop in Yousefabad, Tabriz. According to Tabriz Municipality Fire and Communications Services, around 13.00, a worker who was working on the sub-level 2 floor fell one stage down due to lack of job security.

Local news sources also reported the death of a mineworker in Taft city in Yazd province. The worker is said to have been working in a rock mine, and died as a result of an accident.

Furthermore, official state television reported, a 20-year-old Afghan worker died by falling from a height, while working on a building construction.

By Jubin Katiraie

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