Death due to Silicosis : no compensation and lack of treatment

April 25, 2019 in Victim Story

Sikandar, 33 worked for 10 years as agate polisher on a vertical wheel machine known as PATIYA local language used to make round beads. Since 2013 he got sick and had to leave the job. Did not know anything on his right to claim compensation for silicosis and has not filed any compensation claim under the Employees Compensation Act. He was completely bedridden was also needs to be on Oxygen al 24 hours. Even in the toilet. He was married with two children. His daily expenses of treatment were around Rs.250/- which his family couldn’t afford.

He was diagnosed suffering from Silicosis. It is also observed that he was taking the anti-Tuberculosis treatment since 2013 and after his recent visit to his doctor had still advised continuing anti-TB treatment. He had to spend Rs.4-5,000 per month only on Oxygen. Contacted to District Health Officer and other officers in person and it is informed that there is no Government scheme to help patients who need Oxygen at home. On 20 April 2019 Sikandar passed away before any Government help reaches him. He died so young. More initiative needs to be57395745_10218064128251225_7488828784032874496_n done to protect the lives of young workers.