‘Work together to bring justice and dignity’ – Rana Plaza commemoration day, 2018

April 26, 2018 in Events

‘Work together to bring justice and dignity’

Tuesday, April 24 2018: Rana Plaza Accident Victims Rights Network, ANROEV, AMRC and OSHE Foundation paid tribute to the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy on the occasion of the5th anniversary of the deadliest building collapse of an eight storied building in Asia that housed five apparel factories at Savar, that robbed the happiness of hundreds of families as their bread earners were either killed or permanently lost their ability to work. The search for the dead ended on 13 May 2013 with a death toll of 1,130. Approximately 2,500 injured people were rescued from the building alive.

Paying tributeAround 100 survivors and members of the deceased famly of Rana Plaza Accident Victims Rights Network along with representatives of the ANROEV, AMRC, Suisse Solidar and OSHE Foundation representatives were present in the site to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in this tragedy.

A human chain was formed demanding workers rehabilitation, social protection, and alternative employment opportunity for injured workers, medical support and legal justice for the victims through a coordinated way by the representatives of the victims’ rights network and its supporters. Victims demanded that ensuring fair compensation, social protection, medical treatment, rehabilitation and justice are still needed for the victims as they are in dire need of support.

Asian Monitor Resource Center (AMRC) Programme Coordinator Omana Greorge, OSHE foundation Executive Director Repon Chowdhury, OSHE foundation Chairperson Saki Rezwana,  SOLIDAR SUISSE Regional Coordinator Sanjiv Pandita, ANROEV Coordinator, Federation of Garments Workers (FGW) General Secretary China Rahman and members of Rana Plaza Accident Victim’s Rights Network also joined in the programme.


Speakers at the human chain urged meaningful action for workers’ rights. They also called for transparency in the actions taken by the Government to address the needs of the workers, building safety and social protection of all industries in Bangladesh.

Later in the afternoon, Rana Plaza Accident Victims Rights Network and ANROEV organized a discussion session on the compensation and rehabilitation status of Rana Plaza victims.

Omana George said Rana Plaza Victims Network must be active to bring the justice and dignity. The network should fight for equal compensation.

Sanjiv Pandita utter that victims network should organize as a group to fight against injustice.

Repon Chowdhury spoke that victim network should transform as an institution for serving and supporting the members.

One minute silenceAll of the speakers highlightened the urgent necessity of alternative employment for workers and social protection. At least 40 family members of the victims and injured workers took part in the discussion. They sought alternative employment opportunities, prompt and sustained medical treatment for the injured workers.

DSC_4117Jewel Sarker, who was working at the 8th floor of Rana Plaza as sewing operator, demanded treatment for his eyes and alternative employment.

Wahidul Islam, convener of Rana Plaza Accident Victims Network, urged to provide more support to accelerate the network for bringing justice.

The demands of this tragic accident victims are yet to be properly settled.