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    Victim Story

    Tribute to Rachel Lee

    May 11, 2012

    With deep sorrow and pain I regret to inform that our friend and activist Rachel Lee passed away this afternoon. She lost her battle against Mesothelioma, something she has been fighting with great courage. For those of you who attended the A-Ban meeting and the ANROEV meeting in Jaipur, in November this year, you would remember Rachel’s presence in the meeting. She was there to lend her support to the victims movement in Asia despite her fragile health. It is a real great loss for our movement, especially when BANKO was felicitating her for her contribution towards Banning Asbestos and strengthening the anti-asbestos movement. Read More »

    Lee Yunjeong – 55th Death from Samsung

    May 10, 2012

    Born in 1980.

    Worked in Samsung semiconductor Assembly & Test factory in Onyang for six years from  1997 to 2003.

    Diagnosed malignant brain cancer at 2010. Underwent Brain surgery and chemotherapy.

    Died on 7 May 2012, at age 32, leaving behind loving husband and two children.

    Lee Yunjeong had applied for Workers’ Compensation to the Governments, which is one of Korean social insurances, but the Governments refused to compensate her because she could not prove which toxic chemicals she had been exposed to. Read More »

    Rambha Kamji Kharadi – Accident in Cotton Gin

    May 10, 2012

    We had set out at about 2 and after visiting Lalita in Garanwas we went to Falasiya on our way to Nenbara (Jhadol-Falsiya, Dist:Udaypur) to collect Dolatramji to accompany us. And now sun had almost set and yet we had not reached our destination. I was worried as I intended to take evening bus for Ahmadabad. When we reached Nenbara, my hosts started locating the house. They had sent two of their colleagues in advance to meet three victims in this area. They were contacting them on mobile. I was told that all victims have been asked to wait for us at one place so that we do not have to waste our time in reaching out to all one by one. Read More »

    BABU DAMA – Accident in Cotton Gin

    May 10, 2012

    Babu Nemabhai Dama is 21 old young boy resident of tribal village called Kakan in Sagwada (Rishabhdev Taluka, Rajasthan). When I asked him what do you do, he stared at me. His father helped me, saying, “what else will he do now, he is grazing the goats. Who will feed him rotla (local bread) if he does not work.” Babu looked disappointed when I asked another question if he is married. Again it was his family members replying me, “who will marry him now. I was visiting this distant village in hilly terrain. Babu was on another hill, when we reached climbing up this hill. He was informed through someone’s mobile of our arrival. We were told that he has started coming and it will take at least one and half hours to reach here. No transport available and one has to walk the distance. After taking few snaps here & there I took long nap before he reached. Read More »

    Raju Khushal – a warrior

    May 10, 2012

    Exactly a year before emergency was declared in India, he was born – 26 June, 1974. His whole life passed  in emergency. When he breathed his last on December 5, 2011 his lungs had given up at only 37. He was front raw warrior in our struggle against silicosis. He was the first in the history of Agate industry to file claim for silicosis under Employees Compensation act. He was also the first to file petition under Bonded Labor Abolition Act. He, too, faced discrimination as other silicosis affected workers and could not marry. Read More »

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