ANROEV OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER Issue No. 48 July to September 2020

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OSH Rights is a Newsletter Issue No, 48 for the month of July to September 2020 on occupational safety and health in Asia. It prepares by the ANROEV Secretariat. Apart from the newsletter, the ANROEV Secretariat also conducts research on OSH, share the updates on OSH and occupational and environmental victims, social media activities, campaign and events. ANROEV newsletter is the part of its regular intervention.

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State attorneys general call on US Congress to ban asbestos

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Led by the AGs from California and Massachusetts, in a 12 July letter the group urged leaders of the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee to pass the Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act of 2019 to address “the dire risks that asbestos poses to human health”.

The bill, introduced in March, calls for amending TSCA to ban the manufacture, import and processing of asbestos and asbestos-containing articles. And its consideration comes even as the EPA conducts a risk evaluation as it is one of the first ten substances subject to assessment under the reformed TSCA.

However, the state AGs argue in the letter that congressional action is needed, because “EPA clearly has demonstrated that it is unable and unwilling to use its authority under TSCA to address the unreasonable risks of injury to health and the environment posed.”

Among their cited concerns is that the EPA has failed to evaluate legacy uses of asbestos in its ongoing assessment. This is despite the fact that these exposures “continue to present extremely significant exposure risks, both in the asbestos abatement process and as a result of environmental releases from the disturbance of legacy materials.”

The state AGs also take issue that the agency has “decided to rely on incomplete information” in its evaluation, given that it denied a petition submitted earlier this year by some of the co-signatories of the letter to expand reporting requirements for asbestos under the TSCA chemical data reporting (CDR) rule – an issue subject to ongoing litigation.

“As a result of these decisions, the states cannot expect that EPA’s regulatory response to asbestos will be remotely sufficient. Consequently, we support Congress taking action to ban asbestos with the Reinstein bill,” they wrote.

Chlor-alkali industry

Earlier this year, the American Chemistry Council testified against the Reinstein bill on the grounds that its one-year phase out schedule would be problematic for chlor-alkali manufacturers that rely on asbestos diaphragms in the production of chlorine.

The ACC’s Mike Walls warned in a May congressional hearing that the measure’s adoption would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and create a “significant shortage” of chlorine in the US market.

The state AGs acknowledged these concerns and said they “recognise that it may be appropriate to include a mechanism” in the bill to allow a reasonable transition time where need is demonstrated.

However, they also pointed to the EU’s nearly completed transition to alternative diaphragms as a sign that “it is economically feasible to meet chlorine demands using asbestos-free production methods.”

The letter was co-signed by AGs from: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington, DC.

A coalition of nearly 20 state attorneys general has called on Congress to pass legislation banning asbestos in the US.

Fire Blast at a Ship-breaking Yard in Bangladesh : 2 died, 5 injured

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Two workers named Mohammod Rubel (25) and Al-Amin (28) died while 5 others burned in a fire blast at a ship-breaking yard named ‘ Mahinur Ship-breaking Yard’ at Sitakunda in Chattogram. The blast happened on Wednesday,15 May 2019 at around 8:30 am.

The injured workers are Mohammad Jolil (30), Mohammad Masud (19), Mohammad Sohel (22), Al Amin (27) and Mamunul Islam (27).  Among them the condition of a worker is critical.

The injured workers claimed that, there was no protective equipment in this factory. The ship was beaching a year ago, said the manager of the factory, Sabbir Ahmed.

A few days ago there was a hideout of the death of a worker named Tara Miya in the same factory, source said60400889_2333047480267122_2487487801910624256_n 60415476_296234311325901_6032674651228864512_n(1).

Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Mohammad Alauddin of Chittagong Medical Police Outpost confirmed the causalities.

The fire broke out from the abandoned waste oil at the adjacent room of engine where the workers cutting the steel by Oxyacetylene flame and spread fire within the moment.

(Source : OSHE foundation)

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South East Asia Sub Regional Meeting

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