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    ANROEV OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER Issue No. 52, July to September 2021

    October 19, 2021 in Latest News, OSHRights, SlideShow, Top News

    OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER ISSSUE 52, July to September 2021

    Please find the OSH Right Newsletter Issue No. 52, July to September 2021 . Thank you all for your contribution,OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER 52 Cover page


    September 27, 2021 in Latest News, SlideShow, Top News, Victim Story



    The Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV), a coalition of victims’ groups, trade unions and other labour groups across Asia, all committed to the rights of Victims and for overall improvement of health and safety at the workplace is deeply anguished at the developments in Hongkong. The recent attack on the Trade Unions and organisations working towards the welfare of labour is strongly condemnable. The political changes in Hongkong in the recent past have had major implications to the labour. The workers who have been already at a receiving end with the growing marginalisation in the context of informalisation, union busting and restrictions and suffering a huge set back with the pandemic are now facing a threat of complete elimination of their rights. Unions and organisations working for their welfare and fighting for their entitlements are shutting down their operations because of the strong-arm techniques of the state machinery.

    While the entire world is witnessing shrinking civic spaces and many governments in Asia are restricting several democratic rights of their citizens and severely misusing the scare of the pandemic, the introduction of the National Security Law in Hong Kong in June 2020 has almost become a death-knell for the thriving democratic institutions in Hongkong. This has led to several Unions, including the popular Teachers Union, Free Trade Union and civil society organisations like the Asia Monitor Resources Centre (AMRC) to sadly close their operations and disband.

    With this joint statement, we stand with the Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) which has been in the forefront of enabling victims of occupational and environmental accidents and exposure to pollution and stress. Its efforts to enable their solidarity across Asia has been commendable. We also express solidarity with the Hong Kong labour movement in their struggle for more equal and democratic Hong Kong.


    Ram Charitra Sah

    ANROEV Coordinator

    Mobile/WhatsApp: +977=9803047621

    Email: anroev@gmail.com

    Web: www.anroev.org


    Date: 21st September 2021




    Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED), Kathmandu, Nepal

    Environics Trust, India

    Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation  (OSHE foundation), 6-A/1-19 Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

    The International Campaign for Responsible Technology (ICRT) , San Jose, CA  95112 USA

     Peoples Training and Research Centre (PTRC), India

    India Ban Asbestos Network, New Delhi, India

    Todd Jailer, Hesperian Health Guides

    Japan Occupational Safety and Health Resource Center (JOSHRC)

    Asian Ban Ban Asbestos Network (ABAN)

    The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat endorses this statement.

    Good Electronics Network

    Families Against Corporate Killers, FACK from UK

    Susanna CAMUSSO, Head of international Policy, CGIL, Corso d’Italia 25, 00198 Roma

    Dr. Guenther Kittel , ppm Research, Consulting/ Health Work Environment, Auatria

    Kathy Jenkins, Secretary, Scottish Hazards

    Thora Brendstrup , AAA Denmark

    Gerhard Elsigan , ppm Linz , Austria

    European Work Hazards Network (EWHN)

    Yvonne Waterman, President, European Asbestos Forum Foundation

    UK Hazards Campaign

    Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

    Surya Ferdian, Local Initiative for OSH Network (LION), Indonesia

    Dr. Ashish Mital, Labour Resource Center, India

    Union Aid Abroad- APHEDA

    Ecological Alert and Recovery -Thailand (EARTH)

    Council of Work and Environment Related Patient`s Network of Thailand (WEPT)

    Ban Asbestos Network Korea (BANKO),

    Asian Citizen`s Center for Environment and Health (ACCEH), Korea





    OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER Issue 51, April to June 2021

    July 21, 2021 in OSHRights, SlideShow

    Dear All

    Greeting from ANROEV Secretariat

    Thank you all for contribution to the newsletter and hope more contribution from all our memebers in coming issues.

    Thank you



    Ram Charitra Sah OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER ISSSUE 51, April to June 2021 Cover Page OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER ISSSUE 51, April to June 2021 Final

    ANROEV Coordinator

    ANROEV OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER, Issue 50, Jan-March 2021

    May 27, 2021 in OSHRights, Publications, SlideShow

    ANROEV NEWSLETTER ISSUE NO. 50 January to March 2021OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER ISSUE 50, Jan-March 2021Please find the ANROEV OSH RIGHT NEWSLETTER, Issue No.50 , January to March 2021.


    Thanks to all members for your contribution to the newsletter and hope same for the upcoming newsletter for the period of April to June 2021.


    ANROEV NEWSLETTER ISSUE NO. 50 January to March 2021

    PRESS STATEMENT on LG Styrene Vapour release

    July 14, 2020 in Events, SlideShow, Top News

    LG killed 15 from Styrene Vapour Release at Vizag, India Press Statement Event Banner1Asian Citizen’s Center for Environment and Health, South Korea organizing a press statement on LG Styrene Vapour release resulting 15 deaths of innocent people including children of age 6 to 10 and huge damage to crops, soil and water contamination and losses of numerous domestic animals and cattle in Vizag, Andhrapradesh, India. 

    The incidence had happen in LG polymer Pvt. Ltd. company  in India owned by LG Chem South Korea.

    Press statement event will be held today on 14th July 2020, Tuesday 1 pm at Downtown, Seoul, South Korea. 
    More can be found at :

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