945 workers lost lives due to workplace accidents in 2019 in Bangladesh

January 21, 2020 in CampaignReports

A total of 945 workers lost lives and 266 got serious injury due to hazardous work and workplace accidents during January to December2019 in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) conducted the survey and came up with the statistics at a press conference in Dhaka.  The survey has been prepared based on published reports in leading newspapers and own sources of OSHE Foundation.

According to the reports, 269 workers were lost lives in formal sector, while 676 others in informal sector. The highest 294 workers lost lives in transport sector, 156 in construction sector and 98 at Agriculture sector. Besides, 49 death victims are Day Laborer, while 49 were fishermen.

OSHE foundation recommended to strengthen monitoring mechanism on workplace safety, enforcement of Labour Act, Formation of safety committee at factory level, Establishment of Health and Safety Unit in the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Increase Institutional Capacity of Boiler Inspection Office, Introduce provision for compensation to missing workers due to workplace accident  and implementation of National Occupational Safety and Health Policy .

22 killed and 23 were critically injured in Ship-breaking sector

Ship breaking industry is one of the most highly risky industries in Bangladesh.Ship breaking activities in Bangladesh is concentrated in Sitakund (Bhatiary to Kumira), just north of Chittagong city on the Bay of Bengal. Working in the ship breaking yards is a very dangerous job, which involves many human health risks.

A Large number of people face accident while working in this industry every year. Some of them were loss their life, many of them were injured and permanently defamed. The field level information collector of OSHE is found that in the last year 22 were killed and 23 were injured which is higher than the previous year.

There have been several accidents in some yards. Analyzing the

information available on field level, there are several factors found as the reason for the accident. These are fall down from ship, Burn by fire, Suffocation of Gas, Hit by iron plate, another important reason is to fall in an accident is working at night.