Popular Cosmetics Recalled for Containing Asbestos

September 27, 2019 in lungdisease

Several Beauty Plus products have been included in a safety alert from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the agency, asbestos was found in four different products.

The Recall

The safety alert and recall notice was for four different products in the Beauty Plus brand.

  • City Color Collection Matte Blush in Fuchsia
  • City Color Cosmetics Timeless Beauty Palette
  • City Color Bronzer in Sunset
  • City Color Shimmer Bronzer in Caramel

This is the second time a voluntary recall has occurred with Beauty Plus products. Both times have involved positive testing for asbestos. The first one happened in May 2019 with Claire’s JoJo Siwa Makeup Set along with the Global Effects Palette 2. Both products are made with talc and contained asbestos.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos fibers are dangerous to people if they can enter the body. These fibers are often released as dust and enter the lungs. Once they enter the lungs, they can’t leave, which can cause diseases. This includes asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Lung cancer is responsible for the most deaths involving asbestos. Mesothelioma is another condition and a rare type of cancer that impacts the lining of the lungs along with the abdomen, chest and occasionally the heart. Nearly every case of this disease comes from exposure to asbestos. Asbestosis is a chronic disease of the respiratory system. The asbestos fibers cause scarring in the lungs, and it can lead to cardiac failure. It is usually fatal since there is no treatment found to be effective.

The Dangers of Talc

Products that contain talc are at higher risk for including asbestos. Talc may contain asbestos in its natural form. However, talc manufacturers are supposed to test the product before using it in cosmetics to ensure it’s asbestos-free and to take the appropriate steps to purify the talc before using it in developing products.

The FDA doesn’t test cosmetics or approve them before they are available on the market. They are required to be appropriately labeled and to be safe for use by humans. However, these manufacturers aren’t required to share the information on safety with the agency.

The job of the FDA is to monitor these products and to take action if there is an indication that a product is unsafe. The presence of asbestos in beauty products is deemed to be unsafe, especially since it can easily be inhaled.

The FDA had tested samples earlier in the year after reports of products being marketed by Claire’s were contaminated. At this time, no adverse reactions are known, but anyone who experiences any reactions should report it to the MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program by the FDA. The agency advises consumers not to use the products. Beauty Plus has voluntarily recalled these items and it has been reported that no more are available for sale.

Asbestos can accumulate in the lungs for many years before it is identified. Continued exposure increases the risk of developing one of the conditions associated with this carcinogen.

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