At Least 24 Construction Workers Killed as Building Collapses in Cambodian City

June 24, 2019 in Latest News

The death toll in a building collapse in Combodia as risen to 24 as hopes faded of finding any more survivors.

Two days after the building in Sihanoukville collapsed, it emerged that three Chinese nationals and a local landowner involved in the construction had been detained while the incident was investigated.

The unfinished, seven-storey building Collapsed early on 22 June on top of dozens of construction workers who slept each night on the second floor.

The condominium was being built in the thriving seaside town, which has been transformed in recent years by a mainly Chinese-led building boom catering to tourists who flock to newly established casinos.

At least 24 workers were injured in the collapse. The government’s labour ministry said 30 workers were at the site when the building collapsed, but a survived worker Nhor Chandeun said there were about 55 to 60 people inside the building.

There has been mounting concern in Cambodia about the standard of Chinese construction companies operating in the country.

The Chinese embassy in Phnom Penh released a statement on Monday which said it “supports a thorough investigation of the accident and necessary measures by competent Cambodian authority in accordance with the law”.

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