Chrysotile Roofing Rheets : A Growing Curse in Srilanka

April 10, 2019 in lungdisease

Srilanka has been plagued with stories of devils and goblins from time to time. Each time, these devils and goblins would cause a commotion and eventually vanish into thin air. Among these phobias there is one such phobia that has continued to resurface within the society for some time, and it’s none other than Chrysotile roofing sheets.

The local Chrysotile industry dates back to more than 60 years, in other words it has served customers spanning three generations. However, to date there are no records of any consumers suffering from health issues caused by these roofing sheets. Even the former Director of Maharagama cancer hospital has ascertained this fact. The turn of events makes it evident that there is an underhanded ploy to mask the truth about Chrysotile roofing sheets, spread a baseless fear and try to distance the product from the society.

One of the main causes of the so called Chrysotile roofing sheet phobia is the opinion established in the world towards asbestos. In addition, the society lacks awareness on the differences between amphibole asbestos and serpentine chrysotile. Despite Serpentine Chrysotile – a natural resource – being classified under asbestos, there are several key differences between amphibole asbestos and serpentine chrysotile. Several research experiments have proven that Chrysotile does not cause any health issues. Declaring its stance on Chrysotile in 2007, the World Health Organization stated that, ‘Controlled and well managed use of Chrysotile will create no health hazards to those working in the Chrysotile industry or the consumers.’

Chrysotile fibre is used by the local producers to manufacture Chrysotile fibre cement roofing sheets. The Chrysotile fibre cement mixture contains only 8% of Chrysotile fibre while the remaining 92% consist of water and cement. This further clarifies that only a fraction of Chrysotile fibre is used in the manufacture of roofing sheets. Therefore, instead of continuing its perennial name which has created many myths, the product will be rightfully and aptly referred to as ‘Chrysotile fibre cement roofing sheets’ henceforth as a means of addressing the problem of misrepresentation.

Chrysotile fibre cement roofing sheets are not only durable but are also quite affordable. These roofing products are available in a variety of colours, giving more charm to the most significant part of the house.

Users of Chrysotile roofing sheets benefit from a number of advantages such as having a roof with high fire resistance, sound absorption, ability to withstand any climate or environmental condition, leaving no spaces for venomous creatures, and the ability to withstand external impacts made by leaping monkeys. image001