Silicosis Victim of Gujrat Maksud Malek Need Treatment

April 9, 2019 in Victim Story

Maksud malek

Maksud Malek (37; born in 1979) is a patient of silicosis in village Timba near Khambhat of Anand district of Gujarat in India. He has been migrated to Jaipur with friends to work as Agate polisher when he was still very young. He was paid Rs.2Maksud malek50/- per day plus lodging and boarding at that time. After spending 2/3 years he returned back and got married in 2001. Later he worked as agate polisher in Khambhat city and in his own village for few days. For last one year he is in bedridden and on Oxygen. In 2007 he has affected TB and his family- parents, and brothers abandoned him. He was cured following treatment. His wife knew the hazards of agate polishing and was beseeching him to take up some other job. In 2018 he fell sick again and since then he is in bed and from last month he is on Oxygen. We talked to the District TB officer over the phone who advised him to visit his Office. His friends with whom he had migrated – Rafik and Kalu- have died few years ago. His wife said, he earned Rs.250/- per day in Jaipur, now we have to spend Rs.2500/- per day over the treatment. His wife is now looking after three children and earns a living, too. In the last 7 months, he had to be hospitalized several times and each time they had to spend Rs.15/17000/-

Maksud Malek have to need immediate help for treatment and need to get fund from government welfare fund. The concerned authority of the state should take care and provided the fund for treatment and family expenses of Maksud Malek.