Pakistan: 11 workers killed in series of mine accidents

April 12, 2018 in mining

With the horrific mine accident that killed six workers in the Kalat district in Balochistan on 4 April 2018, at least 11 workers at mines in different parts of Pakistan have died since the end of March. 

The deadly mine safety crisis continues to claim workers’ lives in Pakistan. Six workers were reportedly killed on the night of 4 and 5 April after an explosion at a coalmine in the Sorab area of Kalat released a poisonous gas, suffocating workers to death.

Quoting the Chief Inspector of mines of mining department of Balochistan provincial government, a news report stated that the mine was operated illegally without the required license from the government.

On 1 April, an explosion at the Ali Mines in Jhelum District triggered a roof collapse, trapping six workers under the debris. According to reports from IndustriALL Global Union affiliate, All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions, two workers were rescued but the other four workers died in the incident. The deceased workers included Rehmatullah, Sabir Rehman and two brothers, Naseebzada and Naseebullah,  all hailing from the Shangla district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

IndustriALL affiliate, the Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation, reported that, on 27 March 2018, one coal worker Faiz Ullah was killed, while another worker Ubaid Ullah was rescued with serious injuries in a mine accident at the Sharigh Coal Mine area.

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