Concordia University withdraws asbestos report

April 27, 2017 in ABAN, ActionAlerts, CampaignReports, Latest News, Top News

April 26, 2017: In response to a complaint from scientists, academics and civil society organisations, Concordia University in Montreal has posted a notice that Concordia has withdrawn a report that the university funded and published in 2015, Lessons from the Quebec Asbestos Industry: Can there be meaningful dialogue and consensus when facts come up against feelings?  The notice states that the report should not be used or cited.

International Chrysotile Association lobbying document for Rotterdam Convention

The ICA has therefore been required to remove the text on page 4 of their Rotterdam Convention lobbying document, which criticized those who oppose the use of asbestos as engaging in a highly emotional campaign, ignoring scientific evidence, and promoting their position as scientific but without offering real scientific published studies.

The text on page 4 of the ICA’s document had been taken directly from the Concordia report.

Page 4 of the of the ICA’s Rotterdam Convention – COP8 Meeting – 2017  document is now a blank page.


Prepared by: Kathleen Ruff, e-mail: