Huge Turnout at Paris Asbestos Protest

October 14, 2015 in Latest News, lungdisease

Oct 9, 2015

Up to 2,000 people took part in a demonstration through the streets of Paris today (October 9) calling for justice for asbestos victims. Not one asbestos director, civil servant or lobbyist has been convicted for their part in a criminal conspiracy which has led to an epidemic of asbestos-related deaths say ANDEVA, the French association of asbestos victims’ groups. The march was dedicated to the memory of Jean Dalla Torre, who died of mesothelioma last month. He was the first person to file a French complaint against Monsieur X twenty years ago. See: Amiante: “toujours ni responsable ni coupable” déplore l’Andeva [Asbestos: “to date no one has been found responsible or guilty” deplores Andeva].

Pictures can be seen at this link: