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May 7, 2015 in Top News

In Korea, since 1990s, many families have used humidifier at home and office, especially during dry winter seasons. Families with newborns, children, or old patients are particularly keen to avoid cold and dry airs. At first, the water tank of humidifier was cleaned with water only, mainly by shaking. However, in 1994, the first product labeled as humidifier disinfectant was marketed to humidifier users to be added into the water tank. A survey in 2011 indicated that more than 8 million out of 50 million Korean populations have used around 200,000 different humidifier disinfectant products during winter season.

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Humidifier Disinfectant killed 142 Before, we were Korean consumers

Since early 2000s, clusters of rare acute interstitial pneumonitis of children were noticed every spring in Korea. The prognosis was quite poor and many of them died. In 2011 April, 7 pregnant women were hospitalized for acute severe respiratory disease of similar nature, and half of them died. Because of possibilities of epidemics and other potential public threats, Korean Center for Disease Control started an investigation in this event. In August 2011, the investigation found the humidifier disinfectant as being responsible for the acute severe lung disease of the victims.

On 11 November 2011, Korean Government released the 2nd and final results of animal experiment, and recalled 6 humidifier disinfectant products from the market nationwide. The Government further recommended not using a dozen of other similar products and asked for voluntary recall.

After the 2011 August announcement of Korean Government, hundreds of cases of similar disease after humidifier disinfectant use have been reported from all over the country to environmental civic organizations as well as Korean CDC. An Investigation committee was formed by Korean government which assessed 530 cases including 140 deaths. Shockingly nearly half of the victims are infants and pregnant women and almost 40% of them are family members.

Exposure investigation found that 12 different humidifier disinfectants had been marketed and many victims had used more than 2 products. Medical investigation found that about 40% of the victims are ‘definite’ or ‘probable’ in terms of the possibilities of terminal bronchiolo-alveolar damages, and the remaining 60% of the victims are ‘possible’ or ‘less likely’. It is guessed that there might be numerous unreported victims nationwide. Additional official registration has been going on till the end of 2015.

In this Government Investigation, 177 victims of the ‘definite’ or ‘probable’ categories had used OXY SSACK SSACK humidifier disinfectant, which is 80% of all 221 cases of ‘definite’ or ‘probable’ categories. In total, 92 victims in ‘definite’ and ‘probable’ categories have already died, and out of them, 71 had used OXY SSACK SSACK brand.



OXY SSACK SSACK has been a leading humidifier disinfectant brand, covering 80% of the market shares among 20 similar other brands. OXY Reckitt Benckiser (hereafter OXY RB) is the name of Reckitt Benckiser Korea, producing OXY SSACK SSACK since 2002.

옥시액자(100X80)Reckitt Benckiser is a well-known multinational company selling dozens of cleaning materials, hygiene related products for household in around 200 countries. Head Quarter office of Reckitt Benckiser is in London, UK.

It has been 3 years and 8 months since this unbelievable tOXYc chemical disaster was unveiled. But still all the producers are denying their responsibility. Several civil actions have been brought against the producers including OXY RB and 1 criminal suit. At present, Korean Government pays very basic hospital expenses and funeral cost for the ‘definite’ and ‘probable’ cases only.

Experts say that this biocide disaster is the worst in terms of magnitude and severity in 21st century. Academic reports have been made in several medical and environmental health journals, including AJRCCM and Thorax.

Papers on Health Damage from Humidifier Dis-infectants

We Demand that Reckitt Benckiser Group plc should

1. Immediately withdraw all products using harmful chemicals worldwide
2. Acknowledge the irreparable harm it has caused by selling dangerous products
3. Give compensation to all the victims of the disaster who use Reckitt Benckiser’s product.
4. Ensure that all the safety tests including inhalation test of the products sold worldwide are conducted and released publicly
5. Hold camps to find out veiled victims.

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Voices of the Victims

My name is Maeng Chang-soo. My Beloved wife, Hwang Nam-soon, died in 2011, at the age of 30, from using humidifier disinfectant. My wife began to use humidifier disinfectants since 1998, and came to conceive a boy in February 2002.

Read More Victim’s Voice (English and Korean)


1st Photo report of Victim’s protest of Humidifier Disinfectant against the worst UK killer company Reckitt Benckiser in London

Dukjong KIM, a 39 year old fire fighter in Kumi city, Korea, has an interview with a Korean TV in front of HQ office of Reckitt Benckiser(RB), Turner House 103-105 Bath Road Sough Berkshire (western out of London), United Kingdom at 9am 19th May 2015 on the first protest visit. KIM lost his 5 year old son in 2009 after usage of RB’s product, OXI humidifier disinfectant which has killed at least 100 and has injured at least 303 Korean babies and pregnant women mainly between 2002 and 2015 including a 45 year old mother who died on May 9th 2015.


A traffic stop sign and the logo of UK based multinational home hygiene producer Reckitt Benckiser’s HQ office, Turner House 103-105 Bath Road Sough Berkshire (western out of London), United Kingdom at 9am 19th May 2015. RB’s logo is recognized as the worst killer by Korean mothers and fathers.


A 9 year old victim child, Narae Kang, is sitting in front of HQ of RB on May 19 2015. She has a fibrosis lung injury after using Cefu humidifier disinfectant which raw material imported from Denmark. Chanho Kang, her father accompanied, said “she has been nearly died without immediate hospital admit. Several dozen’s Korean babies and infants similar age like Narae, has been died after using RB’s humidifier disinfectant in Korea.


Narae Kang holds a protest banner in front of HQ of RB with background of Korean language banner saying “Children are dying by humidifier disinfectants”


Victim’s protest in front of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. Over 30 RB’s products are on a large banner which indicates death days of 100 victims who used RB’s humidifier disinfectant.


A photo of boy baby who died in his 4 year old together with a RB’s product which killed him with background of the icons of London, Westminster and double deck red bus.


Memorial things of a Korean baby who died before 3 year old after using RB’s product. Sanjiv Pandita holds a banner who is a coordinator of Asian Network of Occupational and Environmental Victim.


Changsoo Maeng’s protest in front of Westminster who lost his 38 year old wife in 2009 after using RB’s product.


Duckjong Kim’s protest in front of Westminster with holding RB’s product which killed his 5 year old boy in 2009.


Narae Kang with her father, Chanho kang, in front of Westminster holding Cefu humidifier disinfectant imported from Denmark which injured Narae’s lung with fibrosis but killed 14 Korean babies and pregnant women in Korea.


Supporting protest of Sanjiv Pandita representing ANROEV of 15 Asian nations.


Narae Kang and other Korean victims in front of Westminster.


Candle protest by RB’s victim in front of Westminster, symbolizing 142 death penalties who died after using humidifier disinfectant. 100 of 142 death used RB’s product.


Candle protest with a banner of 142 death victims.


Candle protest in front of Big Ben in London.



On the 3rd day of protest visit to London of Korean humidifier disinfectant victims call accountability of UK killer company Reckitt Benckiser in front of Westminster together with UK civil group ‘London Hazards’. Photo by Rob.


A Korean fire fighter Dukjong KIM lost his 5 year old son in 2009 holds a protest banner in front of UK killer company Reckitt Benckiser in Slough, UK, May 21 2015.


Photo; Mourning the 100 deaths program with candle by victim group of humidifier disinfectant in front of HQ office of RK in Slough, UK.


<Narae Kang, 8 year old lung patient, at a protesting tent in front of advertising plate of HQ building of RK in Slough, Berkshire, UK. She is one of many lung injury children patients after using Cefu’s humidifier disinfectant imported from Denmark>


<One of main messages Korean victims want to deliver to the British and global consumers of RB products is to do safety check of all RB’s products not to repeat the tragedy happened in Korea>


<Chanho Kang, a representative of victim group, protests with showing a drawing of hospitalized baby at critical intensive care center but failed to be survived.>


<Victims are preparing the candle program for the last program in Slough, May 23rd, 2015>


<Mourning pray for the child passed away with candle in front of HQ of RB in Slough, UK>