Tazreen Factory Fire

January 11, 2013 in Latest News, victimorganising

Representatives of AMRC and ANROEV participated in a multi stake holder consultation on the Tazreen Fire on January 7, 2013 and visited the factory site in Bangladesh. The fire tragedy resulted in deaths of 111 workers and more than 300 workers were injured. A compensation of BKT 600,000 has been promised to the families of the deceased.

However, the condition of the injured workers is pitiful. They have not been provided any comprehensive medical treatment other than the initial first aid. Demands are being raised to ensure workers right to association and to bring the guilty parties to justice.

The consultation was well received by print and TV media with extensive coverage over the past 3 days. Details and photos will be shared once we return from Dhaka.

Attached is a press release highlighting the key findings of an investigation carried out by Bangladesh Occupational Safety Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) and the recommendations of the consultation.

Press Release