Tribute to Rachel Lee

May 11, 2012 in lungdisease, Victim Story

With deep sorrow and pain I regret to inform that our friend and activist Rachel Lee passed away this afternoon. She lost her battle against Mesothelioma, something she has been fighting with great courage. For those of you who attended the A-Ban meeting and the ANROEV meeting in Jaipur, in November this year, you would remember Rachel’s presence in the meeting. She was there to lend her support to the victims movement in Asia despite her fragile health. It is a real great loss for our movement, especially when BANKO was felicitating her for her contribution towards Banning Asbestos and strengthening the anti-asbestos movement.
Rachel lost only her personal battle against the deadly disease, yet her efforts have made a lot of difference in efforts to remove asbestos from the Asian workplaces. Rachel was exposed to Asbestos just by living in an area of asbestos cement production. She has been a relentless fighter and motivation to all of us. We all remember her courage when she took on the asbestos lobby last year during her visit to Canada, trying to ensure that none of this deadly substance that poisoned her lungs is ever sent to Asia. Speaking in Quebec she made it clear, Asbestos brought suffering to Rachel and her family and she did not want anyone else to be an ‘asbestos victim’.

At this moment our thoughts are with Rachel’s family and our activist friends in Korea. Though we are very far away yet we are with you in strong solidarity at this time of grief.

Rachel- you will be missed always – you were a real Hero in our struggle.


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