Annual Meeting Report 2004

December 25, 2004 in AnualReports, OSHReports

The annual meeting of the Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational Accident Victims (ANROAV) took place in Chiang Mai from September 24 to 25. The ANROAV annual meeting is the highest decision making process for the ANROAV programmes. This meeting also serves as a forum to review the past year ANROAV programme and devise the future strategy for ANROAV.   In this year’s meeting, the main focus will be on the critical issues concerning the Occupational health and safety in Asia and devising effective strategies towards them and also to strengthen ANROAV as a network and to enhance fruitful partnership among its members.

The objectives of the 2004 annual meeting are as follows:

1. Outline the major OSH concerns in the region and each of the sub regions like East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific.
2. Devise strategies for the most common, critical issues and concerns in the regions.
3. Develop working groups for each sub region.
4. Outline and develop an annual plan for the network and assign specific responsibility to the network partners by considering their expertise.
5. Map the available resources/expertise among the partners or members and develop strategies to share these resources/strategies.
6. Devise a common plan for advocating for better health and safety laws and systems at the National and the International levels e.g. how to advocate for including OSH as the fundamental right in the constitution of every country (even though right to life is already defined as a fundamental right) and also how to include conventions on OSH as the core ILO conventions.

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