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October 11, 2003 in Latest News, victimorganising

By Sanjiv Pandita
Workplaces or Death Traps?
Work-related accidents and diseases are among the major killers of humans in the 21st century.
Most of us, however, do not realise the severity of the problem. If we take the International Labour Organisation (ILO) projection for the year 2000 (based on data collected in 1998), globally about two million workers die every year due to their work; the annual death toll from AIDS is about three million). This means a worker dies every 15 seconds somewhere in the world due to her/his occupation.It is not only the fatality figure that is a matter of concern, the number of occupationally-injured and diseased workers, who have to live with injury or disease,is also very high.
The same ILO report puts the figure of occupational accidents globally at about 270 million and some 184 to 208 million workers suffer from workrelated diseases
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